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OOC and IC contact post for Sam and the mun. Please just specify in title whether it is OOC or VOICEMAIL

Constructive crit is more than welcome!

Mun can be added on AIM on sleepyjaffa.

Few quick points?
** Don't play Sam as gay. Sorry.
** Main ship is Quinn/Sam. Second and almost main ship is Rachel/Sam.
** One ship I will NOT do is Samcedes. 'So last June' is enough for me.
** Always open to trying new ships etc, so just gimme a prod if you're up for it.
** Mun is on GMT. So a little slower than most on updates on episodes.
** I embrace his inner dork. A lot.
** Mun is SUPER SHY. So please, don't be offended if I don't give you a poke first to talk about plots. I'm just shy. Very shy. I can't stress that enough.

May. 1st, 2012

Usual allowance here for Mike/Sebastian replies.

*Nervously flashes fake ID at doorman.*


Apr. 16th, 2012

*Dancing to the music for you*
--open to my two boys. And can be either in a club, private dance or at home for funsies.


Writer's Block: Smell You Later

What is the worst smell you have ever encountered? How/where did you come across this assault on your olfactory senses?

Puck's bedroom, when hanging out and playing video games.

PSA - Read for Sam canon update.

I think it's safe to say my Sam here is AU now, and NOT canon.

I will still use parts of canon as they are produced on the show but as I have a fiery burning hatred of all things Samcedes/even remotely related to that ship, I won't be using all of his canon any longer.

No, my Sam doesn't chase after Mercedes. Yes, he was a stripper to support his family. Yes, he turned Quinn down early in season 3. No, he's not over her in the slightest. My main 'canon' for Sam is that he's still utterly Fabrevans endgame. However, as we all know I'm a multi-shipper and will have other verses where he's involved with others. Just never Mercedes. Sorry.

So this is your PSA to warn y'all that Sam here does not necessarily = canon. I've followed the majority of it, but have got to say no and stop, and take him on my own nice lil' AU turn.

Have sexy mofo Chord as a thank you for your time.


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Sam Evans [Glee!]

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