Sam Evans [Glee!] (imthenewguy) wrote,
Sam Evans [Glee!]

PSA - Read for Sam canon update.

I think it's safe to say my Sam here is AU now, and NOT canon.

I will still use parts of canon as they are produced on the show but as I have a fiery burning hatred of all things Samcedes/even remotely related to that ship, I won't be using all of his canon any longer.

No, my Sam doesn't chase after Mercedes. Yes, he was a stripper to support his family. Yes, he turned Quinn down early in season 3. No, he's not over her in the slightest. My main 'canon' for Sam is that he's still utterly Fabrevans endgame. However, as we all know I'm a multi-shipper and will have other verses where he's involved with others. Just never Mercedes. Sorry.

So this is your PSA to warn y'all that Sam here does not necessarily = canon. I've followed the majority of it, but have got to say no and stop, and take him on my own nice lil' AU turn.

Have sexy mofo Chord as a thank you for your time.

Tags: canon update, ooc
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