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Writer's Block: One Captain to Rule Them all

Ready, set, engage -- who gets your vote for the best Star Trek captain? What is it about them that puts them at the top of the list?

Captain Picard! He's badass, awesome, smart, English, funny and has like, so much depth it's crazy. He has his flaws but c'mon, he saved Earth from the Borg. He was considered that big a threat the Romulans cloned him to try to destroy him. His relationship with Q is epic. He saved mankind there, too. He's like, a constant hero.
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My apologies to all for my vanishing act.

I want to apologize to y'all on here that I have verses with and roleplay with for my vanishing act. I guess you could say a crisis of confidence with RL kicking my ass, combined with my addiction to tumblr meant Sammy got a little left behind on here.

Bur I'd like to get on back to it. So, just want to know if anyone is still here and if so, still game for something with Sammy? I'm game for any idea, and kind of miss bringing the boy out so much.

Love you all ♥